Enhance your sense of health and wellbeing through our program, that will provide the ultimate environment for personal wellbeing.

Discovery Dunes

The Art of Wellbeing

Pioneering a new era of wellness, the Wellness Center at Discovery Dunes will provide a comforting and welcoming environment for fitness, relaxation and rejuvenation tailored to the diverse needs of members. Exquisitely designed private treatment rooms will offer massage and light therapies, as well as salon and body-care services. Other features will include nutritional counseling, wet areas for hot and cold treatments, meditation and Zen rooms, and integrated medical services for full-body, common-ailment healing programs.

Discovery Dunes

State-of-the-art fitness facilities

A state-of-the-art fitness facility will offer cutting-edge equipment, world-class personal training and inspiring indoor/outdoor training spaces with locker facilities and welcomes all genders and ages so that every member of the family can find a program that works for them.